Full Time

A group of preschoolers at daycare

Our Full-Time Programs operate all year round.  We are open from 6:30am-6:00pm, Monday-Friday.

Below you will find more information on our full-time infant, toddler and preschool programs.

Full Time Infant Program

The Teddies-Our infant program accepts  6 weeks to 18 months.  Our maximum group size is 12.  Our infant curriculum focuses on the interactions between the infants and their adult caregivers-the nurture of social relationships.  As the infants grow into young explorers, they become more and more aware of each other and begin building new social relationships.  Our curriculum also provides a wide variety of language, early literacy, music, creative art, sensory exploration, motor development, and problem solving activities.  Each infant is provided with a crib and linens.  Parents receive daily oral and written communication concerning their infant and are encouraged to work in partnership with their child’s teachers.Picture n11

Full Time Toddler Program

The Cubs- Our toddler program accepts toddlers to 3 years of age. Our maximum group size is 14.  Our Curriculum focuses on toddlers’ increasing curiosity about each other and the world around them.  Toddlers enjoy a curriculum rich with opportunities for exploration and discovery.  Our toddlers are provided with opportunities each day for sensory exploration, problem -solving, language literacy, music, creative art, motor development, and social development.  Parents receive oral and written communication about their child’s day.   Parents are encouraged to visit anytime and become involved with their child’s group.

Full Time Preschool Program

The Pandas- The preschool room accepts children ages 3 years to 5 years of age.  Our maximum group size is 20.  Our curriculum offers a variety of exploration and discovery experiences designed to help children construct their own knowledge of the world.  Daily science, math, sensory, creative art, music and literacy activities expand children’s developing concepts and complement the rich social and emotional understanding of our environment.  Long term projects offer excitement and commitment.  Parents receive oral communication about their child’s day.  Parents are encouraged to visit anytime and become involved with their child’s group.Picture 12